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  3. ZW50Z Series

    -Suitable for portable oxygen concentrator,light weight,low power consumption.Magnesium or Aluminum die-cast components.

    Max free flow

    18L/min @ OKpa

    max vocuum

    Appicable,please consult us




    Inlet and exshaut joint、terminals、muffler、safety valve、endcaps

    Product specification

    The following data are the international standard data of Foshan Guangshun Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. If in doubt or product parameter error,Please contact us.

    Performance data
    Base modelZW50Z12-12/1.3
    Rated voltage VDC 12V
    Current @ rated pressureA5 A
    Rated pressure  kPa130kPa
    Rated flow L/min 12L/min@130kPa(3500r/min)
    Speed scale r/min1000-3500
    Ambient  ℃5~40 ℃
    Insolution classB
    Motor typeBLDC
    Net weight kg0.35 kg
    Restart pressure kPa0 kPa

    Please contact us for more model specification;Parameters could be design to meet your needs.

    Technical drawings


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